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Chris Niarchos – a role model for many

Chris Niarchos is the proud founder of the Appco Group of Companies – the world’s leading face-to-face sales and marketing company. The company which is based in London, UK and Sydney, Australia today has an affiliate network of independent sales companies in more than 20 countries throughout the European and Asian continent and the efforts taken by the founder Chris Niarchos to take the company to this high position is indeed worth mentioning.

Chris Niarchos started off with a small direct sales business in Sydney Australia way back in 1987 when he was just 22 years old. Even at that small age, Chris nurtured a big dream of building the company and one day spearheading the world’s largest and most successful Sales and Marketing Company. Today with the satisfaction of fulfilling his goal, Chris is all smiles.

Chris sets the strategic direction as well as takes the key decision to ensure that the billion-dollar enterprise of which he is the Chairman continues to build on a global scale. He is today acclaimed as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world – one whose energy and passion never seems to die off. An inspirational leader, Chris is also known for his excellent leadership and execution skills.

So much said about his entrepreneurial skills, a word about the fun part of this man! In addition to being a business strategist of the highest order, Chris is also a racing driver who competes internationally in a Ferrari 430 GT car. And the praises he gets are not only with regard to his entrepreneurial skills rather the man - Chris Niarchos was even described by a journalist as ‘the most enthusiastic man in British motorsport’.