Direct Marketing Organisations

TC World Ltd and its version of direct marketing

The first office of TC World Ltd was opened in Manchester, Charton street, England in the year 2003. Founded by a person (Matt) who was just 20 years old when he opened the office, the prospects of TC World Ltd evolving into a successful company did look bleak to many. But Matt was not a person who would give up soon. With clever strategies accompanied with a lot of hard work, Matt made sure that TC World Ltd evolved as one of the best among the numerous direct marketing companies in London.

TC World Ltd today covers the South East and North West of England and has 5 branches with approximately 175 people working in the organisation worldwide. Together they represent over 100 different companies and deliver over 120, 000 “Human Commercials”.
TC World Ltd boasts of a company culture that it very different from many other companies. Every employee at the company has a strong ambition and is serious about his target goals and the company at the same time makes sure that it gifts their employees a company culture that is filled with fun. Operating on a “no seniority” policy, TC World Ltd provides a lot of opportunities and guarantees career progression for those individuals who have the talent and skill and prove themselves in direct marketing field.

Today, TC World Ltd boasts of individuals who hail from a multitude of different cultural and career backgrounds. With full coaching provided at every level of the organisation and with at least 8 major conventions held every year to recognize successful; individuals at the organisation, TC World Ltd does stand ahead of others.